Big Game Project – Gotland Game Conference

The game was in pretty good shape to show at the Gotland Game Conference. We had a lot of of bug fixes and balancing to do in the last days, but we planned it all well enough that we never had to do any major crunching. During the conference, it turned out that we had one big bug left. It had to do with the tutorial and made it impossible to create more buildings if the player did one very specific action when creating the first building. It occurred quite a few times during the conference, but still not frequently enough that we felt we needed to fix it. Instead we kept an eye out and if it happened we explained with an apology that the player needed to restart and replay the first few minutes of the game.

For the most part, the game worked very well and people seemed to enjoy it. Most players stayed for a long play session, and while that was the most positive feedback we could get, it also meant that some never got the chance to try the game during the conference.

Overall, I am very happy with the game we displayed.

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