Big Game Project – First post

So it seems I never take time to update this blog except when mandatory; but when I do update, I actually really kinda like it.

Anyway, the course I’m taking now is called “Big Game Project” and the eponymous big game is a digital game with a production time of approximately 8 weeks. I’m in a group of six students and our game concept (which we started defining way before the course start) is a survival game inspired by the likes of Klei Entertainment’s “Don’t Starve” but with several playable settlers, which brings an RTS element to it. The settlers live on an island floating above a planet covered in dangerous jungle. The island is a home where buildings can be built and settlers are relatively safe but they need to be taken down into the hazardous jungle to gather resources for survival.

Two weeks have passed now, and we have a prototype that includes a few features we wanted to test first. I am very content with how the game looks and feels after two weeks of production, but I feel far from safe considering all the work we still have to do. My roles are programmer and sound designer, but so far I have barely started on the sound design. This is some of the programming I’ve done so far:

  • Camera movement
  • Camera switch between island and jungle
  • Implementing pathfinding into our settler and enemy AI
  • Construction mode, which lets the player place new buildings on the island
  • Pathfinding fix
  • Resource item spawning with a simple coded animation
  • Another big pathfinding fix
  • Enemy spawn systems
  • Even more pathfinding fixes
  • Placeholder healthbar and damage-taking effect
  • Did I mention pathfinding?

And the next thing on my task list is to bin all of our current pathfinding to replace it with Unity’s built-in system. The reason we hadn’t used this from the beginning is poor research regarding what Unity NavMeshes are capable of. So this is a rather grim end of the second week for me.

Anyway, the coming weeks I will try and make each blog post focus on a specific task I’ve worked on and hopefully that will make it more interesting.

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