Fifth weekly programming post

OK, so the naming scheme of my “weekly” programming posts seemed like a good idea when I was still positive I would actually write a post each week. I am going to refer to this as the fifth post because it is my fifth week of programming; and a mismatch between these two numbers is prone to make me terribly confused in the future, should I ever come back to read an old blog post for whatever reason. I’m foreseeing like that. (It may also have the effect that it seems like I actually was ambitious enough two write the second, third and fourth posts, but they were then lost in cyberspace for reasons beyond my control.) Anyway, this seems like a good time to resume the blogging since I have just started making my first game. It will be made in Visual Studio using SDL2 and shamelessly imitate the classic arcade game Frogger. (Note that the reason I don’t feel any shame is not because I’m a bad person but because copying a classic game was part of the assignment.) I have a teammate by the way. We have started writing the basic engine for the game, following the structure of the engine live-coded by our teacher in class. What I find most difficult to grasp is the structure of the engine: what goes in which class and why. I constantly get the feeling that while I understand the code written by the teacher, I could not write it myself from scratch and get all the class relations to work. The plan, however, is that the deeper understanding will come when I start adding functions to the program, thus being forced to use the structure of the engine as opposed to just looking at it from outside.

From now on, I will try to update properly every week with the additions we make to the game, with examples of code in the posts.

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