Welcome to my blog

My name is Johan Öhman and I am a first year student of game design at Uppsala University, Campus Gotland. The program is called “Game Design & Programming” and so obviously includes programming too, something I hope I will come to enjoy as much as design. Games is not my only main interest; I am an amateur composer as well. The music I compose is in the genre of film music, which kind of means that it doesn’t belong in only one genre but at least can be said to always aim to build upon a source of inspiration from another medium; like a film, picture or… that’s right: a GAME! I hope that my interest in music and audio in general will be beneficial in the game projects I will do during my time here.

So this is my first blog post ever, but I will try and get used to blogging and update as often as I can. Updates will probably often be a recap of things I’ve learned to help remember or to deepen my understanding. Or maybe just random thoughts about games. I have those sometimes.


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